Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) New Studio Control Room and Field Production

CEI worked with PhRMA, which represents the nation’s leading pharmaceutical research and biotechnology companies, to develop a design that can accommodate the tight space and preservation guidelines of PhRMA’s historic facility. A new studio, control room, edit suites and field production units were creatively built into small areas totaling less than 800 square feet.

The new facility allows PhRMA to access all major broadcast networks, media plants, Capitol Hill and commercial teleports, as well as produce content to communicate its advocacy for the development of new medicines and technologies. “This innovative layout and design allows high-quality production that usually requires two to three times more space,” said Lawrence Brody, President and CEO of CEI. “We were able to work with PhRMA to create a comprehensive facility that helps them fulfill their mission while still maintaining the integrity of the historic building.”

The studio and control environments are fully integrated into PhRMA’s sophisticated Video Teleconferencing (VTC) systems. The integration includes full IP control and return routing to studio monitors.  Multiple current and legacy VTR formats are supported, and DVD authoring capabilities allow another means of connecting with PhRMA’s audience.