John Edward Porter Neuroscience Research Center (PNRC) Auditorium / Seminar Room, Control Center, Conference Rooms and Meeting Rooms

CEI was chosen to design, engineer, install, integrate and test AV systems for the New John Edward Porter Neuroscience Research Center-II facility. The 500,000 square foot, state-of-the-art collaborative and cutting edge Neuroscience Research center is home to 85 groups, encompassing more than 800 scientists. This exquisite building houses interactive labs and shared resource spaces to the innovative features that make it one of the world’s most energy-efficient life science facilities.

The unique 4,550 square foot Auditorium/Seminar Room is divisible into three (3) separate rooms with four (4) overall seating orientations and provides AV systems for Presentation/Video Delivery, Audio Reinforcement, Facility Routing, Broadcast, Room Controls and Presentation Podiums. The Room’s Control Center includes a multi-position operating console enabling up to three different events to run simultaneously. The Auditorium/Seminar Room also includes a total of eight (8) cameras that can be operated as one large system or split amongst several events when the room is operating in divided mode.