CEI builds Discovery Latin America Large-Scale, End-to-End IP Playout Facility

Discovery enlisted Communications Engineering Inc. (CEI), a systems design and integration firm based in Newington, Va. It was clear that migrating the LatAm channels to Virginia would centralize playout resources, drive efficiency, and allow room for channel expansion—key goals for this challenging project. After deciding to make the move to Virginia, Discovery charged CEI with making it happen in two phases: Phase 1 included technology analysis and proof-of-concept testing, and Phase 2 comprised implementation and transition.

Surprisingly, CEI’s analysis showed that building the LatAm playout systems on an IP architecture would cost about 30 percent more than expanding Discovery’s traditional SDI infrastructure. On the other hand, IP would provide a much more flexible design that was fast and cost-effective to expand once the core systems were in place. Even though cost was a huge consideration, Discovery wisely looked at the long term and chose to invest in an IP playout platform.

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