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Crowdsourcing & Citizen Journalism - on Mobile!

CEI has partnered with ShareItMobile to introduce a product that can put you on the cutting edge of Social Media, Crowdsourcing and Citizen Journalism.

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The ShareItMobile solution consists of custom branded mobile apps, web microsites and web based management tools. It's a branded hosted social media solution that automates and streamlines the aggregation and presentation of user generated content.

  • Make your viewers an extension of your team by equipping them with your branded smartphone app that lets them submit topical and news-worthy videos and photos
  • Increase market share and grow your audience by capturing the attention of new viewers
  • Generate incremental revenue from a new type of engaging sponsorship and expanded ad inventory
  • Generate incremental revenue aggregate fresh, organic, high-quality media to use on-air and on the web to optimize search engine marketing
  • Leverage the power of mobile participatory journalism and crowdsourcing to be 1st to market on reporting late-breaking events

ShareItMobile enables your customers to contribute video and photos from their smartphones to you in an organized and controlled way, all under your brand image. It can be used to:

  • Engage your audience with a robust new branded media-sharing experience
  • Automate and streamline the publishing and presentation of large volumes of user-submitted content with configurable role-based publishing permissions
  • Leverage the viral nature of social media by giving your viewers many ways to share user-submitted content that they find interesting

It's quick to launch and easy to manage - without having to hire anyone. The IT requirements to support this product are hosted off-site and can expand seamlessly as required.

Contact us today to learn how you can use ShareItMobile to launch a robust, branded video and photo sharing experience for your valued user community.

For a demo call 703-550-5800 or e-mail info1@commeng.com

ShareItMobile from CEI

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