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Communications Engineering, Inc. (CEI) Selected to Design, Engineer and Build The New PBS HDTV Origination Facility


Communications Engineering, Inc. (CEI) Integrates Digital Router Systems For NBC's New Broadcast Operations


Communications Engineering, Inc. (CEI) Designs And Integrates DIRECTV® Network Management Center Located at its El Segundo, CA Headquarters Photo Page


Communications Engineering, Inc. (CEI) Selected to Design, Engineer and Build The New WHYY Television and Radio Facility Photo Page


Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Chooses Communications Engineering, Inc. (CEI) To Provide A Turnkey Server Solution


Lawrence S. Brody Named President and Board Chairman of Communications Engineering, Inc. (CEI)


CEI Helps Hong Kong Telecom (HKT) Expands Into Interactive Television Business

Communications Engineering, Inc. (CEI) Selected to Design, Engineer and Build The New PBS HDTV Origination Facility

CEI To Design and Implement the PBS HDTV Solution To Support the PBS November 9,1998 HDTV Premiere Broadcast Newington, VA -- July 9, 1998 -- The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) has chosen Communications Engineering, Inc. (CEI) to design and deliver a complete High Definition Television origination solution engineered to flexibly provide DTV program origination signals including HDTV and SDTV to PBS member stations.

The turnkey HDTV project includes the following steps:

  • Analysis of existing ATSC vendors and technology alternatives for encoding, multiplexing, program stream recording, and bit switching/splicing.
  • Design of an HDTV origination area to be located within the existing transmission area and utilizing existing Plant Output Lines.
  • Design of the HDTV signal processing system integrating video and audio encoding, routing, jackfields, monitoring, and program control that utilizes a Louth automation interface.
  • Construction and implementation into the existing serial digital plant while adding 1.5 Gb/s signal routing and distribution (SMPTE 292M).
The Public Broadcasting Service will begin HDTV program origination on November 9, 1998 to public member stations:
  • WETA, Washington, D.C.
  • WITF, Harrisburg, PA.
  • WLRN, Miami, FLA.
  • WMVS, Milwaukee, WI.
  • KOPB, Portland OR.
  • KCTS, Seattle, WA.

Other PBS member broadcasters will follow in 1999 and beyond.
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Communications Engineering, Inc. (CEI) Integrates Digital Router Systems For NBC's New Broadcast Operations

NBC's Extensive Plan to Transition the Network to All-Digital Operations Uses Implementation Services by CEI

New York, NY -- April 7, 1998 -- Communications Engineering, Inc. (CEI) was contracted by the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) for its recent technical renovation at Rockefeller Center. NBC's multi-year plan culminates in network television's first all-digital broadcast operation center and prepares the network for the expanded requirements driven by television's ongoing evolution to Digital Television (DTV).

The facility enhancements include a CEI-implemented upgrade to the audio and video routing systems that provide signals to NBC's New York operations. CEI began collaboration with the NBC project team in early 1997 with a continual exchange of information and technology to support the aggressive schedule for this very large project.

Lawrence Brody, CEI President stated, "NBC needed this fast track project to be delivered within their tight facility renovation timetable. The project's success was achieved through close coordination between the CEI team and NBC engineering personnel Frank Keffas and Carlo Fusco."

Jeff Harland, CEI Implementation Manager, said "The phased activities began with a crew in our Virginia location that prepared the racks and cabling harnesses which were then delivered to NBC where our New York-based crew completed the technology system integration and checkout."

CEI pre-built the new digital audio/video routing systems at their 17,000 square foot facility in Newington, Virginia. The project included:

  • 30,000+ Cables Installed and Tested in this Integration Project
  • 4 GVG 7000 (256 X 256) Serial Digital Video Routing Systems
  • 7 GVG 7000 (128 X 128) Serial Digital Video Routing Systems
  • 4 GVG 7000 (48 X 48) Serial Digital Video Routing Systems
  • 1 GVG 7000 (512 X 512) Analog Audio Routing System
  • 2 N-Vision (64 X 64) AES Audio Routing Systems
  • 2 N-Vision (512 X 512) AES Audio Routing Systems
  • Associated Signal Patching and Redundant Tielines

Communications Engineering, Inc. has provided engineering services to NBC since 1988 including the initial Rockefeller Center cable plant studies and evaluations. The NBC Broadcast Operations facility upgrade plan incorporates extensive technical evaluations and analysis including the CEI cable plant studies.
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Communications Engineering, Inc. (CEI) Designs And Integrates DIRECTV® Network Management Center Located at its El Segundo, CA Headquarters

"CEI Delivered This Fast Track Project By Coordinating Closely With The Engineering Team and Responding Flexibly To Building Renovation Modifications from DIRECTV"

Los Angeles, California -- April 3, 1998 -- DIRECTV, Inc. - provider of the nation's leading digital entertainment television service - is expanding into new markets and at the same time maintaining high quality standards, with help from Communications Engineering, Inc. (CEI). CEI recently completed the design and buildout of the DIRECTV Network Management Center which provides signal monitoring and analysis tools for its extensive lineup of programming, capable of simultaneously displaying over 375 program channels.

Sharon Pyne, director of Network Operations for DIRECTV, stated, "CEI accommodated our building alterations smoothly and quickly to achieve the aggressive finish date. Our renovation's tight schedule required CEI to construct the technical plant alongside final architectural and building detailing."

David Herbert, CEI Director of Technical Services, explained, "The consoles and enormous monitor walls were designed together to maintain good sightlines and "surround" the people seated at the two rows of consoles. Tubular steel materials are used within the 14 foot monitor wall framing to satisfy building code seismic considerations and to orient the upper wall down towards the console positions."

Among the systems integrated at the DIRECTV Network Management Center are:

  • Sony 8", 14" and 19" Monitors
  • Proscan 16 X 9 CINEMASCREEN Monitors
  • Satellite RF Distribution System feeding Sony/RCA IRD Receivers
  • A Telex RTS ADAM Intercom Communications Matrix
  • Tektronix & Wohler Test and Measurement Equipment
  • All Racks, Cabling, Consoles and Connector
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Communications Engineering, Inc. (CEI) Selected to Design, Engineer and Build The New WHYY Television and Radio Facility

CEI To Transition Philadelphia-based Public Television Station's Analog Facility Toward A Digital Television (DTV) Future

Philadelphia, PA -- April 3, 1998 -- The WHYY organization is commencing a comprehensive facility upgrade with the help of Communications Engineering, Inc. (CEI), who will provide turnkey broadcast design and implementation services. CEI is collaborating with the WHYY team to design and equip WHYY's new corporate headquarters, broadcast and production facility on Independence Mall in Philadelphia. The present analog technical plant will be replaced with a hybrid analog/digital solution that will enable WHYY to expand services on additional DTV channels and other media managed through automation and centralized storage techniques to reduce operating costs. WHYY's radio operation will become an integral part of the new system design ensuring effective resource and content sharing throughout the production and on air operations.

Bill Weber, WHYY's Vice President of Technology and Engineering, stated, "WHYY chose CEI due to their superior DTV and HDTV broadcast expertise and extensive digital project experience. In the next year we will collaborate on a digital hybrid facility design that will support WHYY over the next decade and beyond".

Larry Brody, CEI President, remarked, "We are enthused about contributing our design and implementation expertise to engineer a new technical plant and deliver the WHYY facility goals for digital television (DTV)."
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Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Chooses Communications Engineering, Inc. (CEI) To Provide A Turnkey Server Solution For Multichannel Program Origination

CEI To Meld HP MPEG-2 Servers, Louth Automation Systems, Fiber Channel Networking, Robotic Cart Machines And Other Technologies To Create A 24 Channel Integrated Program Origination Solution.

Alexandria, VA -- March 27, 1998 -- Communications Engineering, Inc. (CEI) will design, engineer and implement a sophisticated MPEG-2 server solution for the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). The integrated server system, using eight Hewlett-Packard Company MediaStream Broadcast Servers, will encompass a fault tolerant, automated design that will originate 24 programming feeds to PBS member television stations from its national Technical Operations Center in Alexandria, Virginia.

Jim Seaman, PBS Engineering Manager, said: "PBS was very impressed with the leadership demonstrated by HP in its MPEG-2 server technology. For this mission critical on-air system we are relying on HP's scalable and proven MPEG-2 solution to completely eliminate tape origination of all PBS feeds.CEI will be providing us with a turnkey server solution designed and integrated into our existing facility outside Washington, DC."

CEI President Larry Brody stated, "The PBS program origination solution will blend the latest technologies into a highly flexible platform controlled through Louth automation. The HP server complex will support 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 video signals and provide 24 multichannel playout feeds."
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Lawrence S. Brody Named President of Communications Engineering, Inc. (CEI) "Larry Brody's vision, energy and leadership skills will actively position CEI to deliver innovative facility solutions that meet the complex requirements demanded by television's (DTV) digital transition." Newington, VA -- February 18, 1998 -- The board of directors of Communications Engineering, Inc., a broadcast design and engineering company, is proud to announce that Lawrence S. Brody has been elected to the position of President and Chairman of the Board.Starting with the founding of CEI in 1986, Lawrence Brody has been crucial to CEI's business success in providing turnkey design, engineering and implementation services to a wide range of broadcasting clients across the USA and internationally.Mr. Brody's extensive industry expertise, including previous technical and executive positions with CBS and Comsat, will guide and enable CEI to fashion the complex technical and organizational solutions necessary for DTV-compatible technical facilities.
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Hong Kong Telecom (HKT) Expands Into Interactive Television Business Venture Involving "Programming-On-Demand" Delivery With Additional Future Services Planned

"Communications Engineering, Inc. (CEI ) Worked With HKT From The Very Beginning To Develop, Design And Build The HKT Digital Production Facility"

Hong Kong, PRC -- January 23, 1998 -- Hong Kong Telecom (HKT) is actively leveraging its telecommunications' strengths into one of the world's most dynamic regions by producing a new programming delivery system. The densely packed island is prepared with plenty of fiber infrastructure to support HKT's new interactive TV channel that commences with movies and will later expand into additional consumer services. Communications Engineering, Inc. (CEI) was selected by HKT to design and build its digital production studio (DPS) facility which will create the audio and video programming elements used for the channel's identity, interface and promotional material. In addition, CEI designed and built the MPEG-2 encoding suites which prepare the movies and other viewing programs. The encoded program material is then uploaded to HKT's computer servers that interactively transmit to consumer televisions through individual set top boxes.

CEI Executive Vice President Lawrence Brody guided the project and explains, "We began with a clean slate approach at Hong Kong Telecom and evaluated the latest computer and communications technologies to develop their digital production facility. The HKT DPS represents a melding of the latest digital video and audio tools integrated together and operating through multiple network connections including serial digital component video, AES/EBU digital audio, ATM and Fast Ethernet (TCP/IP protocols)."

CEI's services began with a DPS concept evaluation that studied the future facility's operational considerations including the technical infrastructure needs, production workflow processes and personnel requirements. CEI developed the Hong Kong Telecom DPS into an open design that accommodates a wide variety of audio and video tools. The HKT DPS is also networked with the redundant MPEG-2 suites for program file transfers to HKT's interactive video servers.Among the integrated solutions within HKT's Digital Production Studio are:

  • Quantel Editbox Systems with PictureNet Plus
  • Quantel Multichannel Clipbox with PictureNet Plus
  • Quantel Hal Express Graphics Compositing System
  • Silicon Graphics Challenge Server
  • CHYRON Infinit Graphics Systems
  • Silicon Graphics High Impact Graphics Workstation with Alias S/W
  • AVID AudioVision 8 System
  • Fore Systems ATM Switches
  • Cisco Fast Ethernet Switch
  • Minerva MPEG-2 Storage Encoding System
  • Divicom MPEG-2 Realtime Encoding System
  • Phillips BTS Venus and Jupiter Routing Systems
  • Tektronix Test and Monitoring Equipment
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