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LiveU is the pioneer and leader in portable video-over-cellular solutions and the benchmark for reliable and high-quality uplink. Our solutions use multiple cellular or other links simultaneously to provide a seamless broadband channel optimized for live, up to 1080 High Definition video transmission from the field. We provide the most advanced technology and equipment for leveraging wireless network infrastructure as a video delivery channel, supported by the only complete, all-inclusive turnkey service package.

Enables television and online broadcasters to transmit live video from any locale using wireless video transmitter

Increases freedom of movement for behind-the-scenes reporting

Empowers virtually every content creator with live video streaming capabilities

Unique Benefits:

More Content for Less Money: More teams can report from the field without Satellite/ Microwave trucks. All it takes is a single reporter and a backpack in the field.

High Accessibility and Availability: Anyone can transmit at broadcast quality within minutes of turning on the unit, from anywhere.

Portable and Simple Operation: LiveU's portable backpack carries a fully integrated, easy to operate unit.

Easy Integration: LiveU is easily integrated into the contemporary digital workflow.

Comprehensive service: LiveU takes care of the entire transmission package: testing modems, selecting SIM packages, nullifying cellular operators' billing issues, worldwide roaming support, and more.

Who Uses LiveU?

LiveU customers include many of the world's leading TV networks, news agencies and online media giants who use the company's technology and products on a daily basis. LiveU has been used for breaking news and many high-profile events worldwide, such as the US Presidential Campaign, Hurricane Irene, Japanese Tsunami, Academy Awards®, GRAMMY Awards®, Super Bowl, 2011 British Royal Wedding, Brazilian Carnival and World Cup in South Africa. LiveU is also seeing growing interest from HLS, emergency and defense organizations in an arena where true live is mission critical to success.

Broadcast Media - LiveU enables a shift in live video acquisition away from expensive satellite transmission, delivering a cost-effective cellular alternative that offers a resilient broadcast-quality video uplink while enhancing freedom of mobility in the field for all broadcast media outlets.

Online Media - LiveU is the game changer that delivers on the promise of the Internet as a platform for live, professional-quality video streaming from anywhere. While satellite is cost-prohibitive for most online publishers, LiveU's robust cellular uplink backpacks provide satellite-like quality at significantly lower prices.

Sports Sites - LiveU's portable video transmission products ensure that no angle is missed in the relationship between sports organizations and their fans, capturing all the action both on and off the field.

Homeland Security (HLS), Emergency and Defense- LiveU lends new meaning to the words mobile surveillance, enabling law enforcement agencies to document events as they unravel, and gather and feed crucial video to control rooms in real-time, enabling operators to send the necessary back-up.

WHAT are the LiveU Products?

Data Sheet for LU70-HDA

Data Sheet for LU60-HDA

Data Sheet for LU40i

Data Sheet for LU30

  • The most effective satellite-free bridge for video transmission
  • Highly portable wireless uplink system provided with a custom transmission backpack or pouch
  • Full HD video performance delivered through cellular aggregation with live video transmission capabilities from anywhere
  • Proprietary RF technology turns cellular Dead Zones into Live Zones

Features & Capabilities:

  • Multi-Channel Aggregation: Bonds up to 14 modems over any and all 3G/4G LTE cellular, WiMAX networks, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and BGAN satellite
  • Fully Integrated Unit: Everything is included in one compact and easy-to-use device
  • Full HD Video: From CIF up to 1080 High-Definition
  • Any Video Camera: Interfaces to SDI, HDMI, DV or analog A/V input
  • Operational Modes: Optimized for specific scenarios such as Interview (sub-second latency), File Transfer and more
  • Multi-Client Video Receiver: Using off-the-shelf hardware, the server software supports multiple field units simultaneously with SDI outputs, FME, WME, and H.264 streaming
  • Diverse Power-Supply: Internal battery, Anton-Bauer, IDX, 110/220 AC, Vehicle Lighter
  • Additional Features: IFB, Remote Monitoring and Control, Media Recording, Store-and-Forward Mode etc.


  • Go Places You Have Not Gone Before
  • More Content for Less Money
  • Customized Lease - No Capital Outlay


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